platform evangelist

The best stories begin with a dream…

And it all started when he followed his desire and decided to become an IT professional. From there his journey diversified from being a trainer for crime and criminal network tracking system by Indian police to even aiding the Malayalam film industry for cutting down piracy and cybercrimes.

While pacing up in his journey of a legal computer hacker, suddenly a positive intrusion stuck his mind – what if he can hack human mind and body the way he does with computers!!

That single thought opened the doors of possibilities to infinity, and thus another set of stories started sprouting. With his innumerable studies and training programs he found many methods that can hack human lives for better.

After long hours, and days and nights he categorized them into several programs, to impart the lessons with all their essence. Some of his programs includes, Hack Your Immune System, The Sleep Mastery, Fasting Blueprint, The Human Diet, Life Envisioning System (LES), Goal Setting Mastery, The Meditation Formula and many more to come. These programs were crafted entirely to redefine the way your body and mind functions.

He believes in a few knitted values that helped him bring his mission possible and they are Growth, Easiness, Contribution, and last but not least the Unconditional Love. His achievements that can be listed out includes 1000+ Trainings he delivered, 10000+ Happy Individuals, 350+ Trainings and 7+ years of experience in technology and training.